People Talking to People
SGL keeps borders from becoming boundaries for clients throughout the Great Lakes region. Our staff will ensure that each shipment is expedited from origin to final destination quickly, safely and in accordance with every client’s special needs. While we utilize technology aids for data and information exchange, we still maintain a tradition of people talking to people in a timely way.
We believe in trust, so we always act with transparency and integrity, demonstrating mutual respect in all relationships. We encourage openness and honesty and expect it in return from our business environment.
We limit your transport costs and receive your goods safely and in perfect condition. Each one of your requests will receive our tailor made solution.
We speed up the delivery of your cargo.
We optimize your supply chain, your production and your distribution system.
It’s more than just profit. People are the greatest assets and by supporting them in the environment where they live, work and play, it results in a content life. That’s why long-term business success thrives best well-balanced society, capable of meeting the challenges presented. SGL values the individual – a motivated and happy person can add more precious value to its environment, clients as well as employer